Busy busy day!

February 8, 2013

Today in our household, it is very hectic! Tomorrow morning should be easier(or at least more fun!) My husband works at a whole foods warehouse, and brought us home basically an ENTIRE case of gingerbread pancake/waffle mix!! Can’t wait to make some with the kids tomorrow, it will be a nice break from today!

Not sure how many of you remember, but I homeschool my oldest and today she had 3 separate tests, and unfortunately 1st graders don’t have the greatest attention span.

I also have been spending a large portion of the morning keeping my one year old from smashing into my ankles with his fake lawnmower, and trying to organize the package of knitting products that is being taken over to the home of one of the photographers who soooo  kindly helps me out! So many things to get done today, considering I also need to get a whole other package sent about an hour away from me by Monday, for another photographer.

**rips hair out**



Holy time lapse, Batman!

February 8, 2013

Oh man, it has been FOREVER since I have been on here. Even longer than the last time Jenny posted. Needless to say I have been knitting like a fiend and it has left literally NO time for writing.

I have been SO busy trying to get the shop in order and FINALLY have some photographers to collaborate with!! YAYYY for Some of the most awesome girls I know!!! Kara from Little Sugarplum Photography 



And Adriane from



I am SOOO grateful for these two, helping me out. I have been very busy trying to fill requested orders, get my shop in order and get together what goes to which photographers! Busy lady! I’ll give a preview of some of the newest projects on Etsy and soon I should have some free patterns posted! Because that’s the fun stuff. 😀


This is one of the earflap, hood hats. (Modeled on little Eowyn of course!!) Very proud of this one, I almost don’t want to sell it.


Along with this one (On Abram who is getting HUGE!!!)


I can’t believe he is getting so big!!


Both of those, along with a few more are now up on our Etsy shop, available for purchase, immediately.


I am also working on making some hand carved/hand drilled wooden buttons for my newborn hats, courtesy of my incredible husband! Soooo.. If anyone still reads this! Let’s get back in touch, I’m going to start trying to make this a more regular thing! Can’t wait to check out all of your new posts!


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All Grown Up

August 21, 2012

On the knitting front, Tara and I have been working. I promise. But I think today’s post is going to be more personal- cause I’m excited. I think I can officially say Tara and I are now both grown-ups instead of just adults. She just moved into a new house with her family- which is actually cooler than my house. She’s been busy with the move, her other job, and keeping up with her kids. How grown up is that?! It’s nuts. I feel old.

For me, well… I’ve been house hunting. At the moment, Tara and I both rent our homes… but I’m actually going to BUY a house. How insane is that shit?? I’m going to have a freakin mortgage and everything. I feel like the world isn’t quite prepared for me to be this, uh, settled down. It’s like I’m inches away from having everything I never even dared to hope I’d have. It’s scary and amazing at the same time 🙂



Honest… I was going to keep up with this blog better over the past month and a half :/ but my roommate had my computer and I’m afraid of the fiance’s fancy computer. Now I’ve got my laptop back (at least  for now, god willing) and can update people on things and stuff.

Firstly- knitting HAS happened. We are still more than happy to take custom orders and work out price details for each individual. We’ve both had a TON going on in our personal lives so we probably wouldn’t have been making interesting blogs anyway, really.

Okay… so that’s a lame update. I’ll do a better one later when my fiance isn’t being super sexy with his bone structure 3  feet away from me 🙂


Game Plan

July 6, 2012

So we here at Hillbilly Homespun have been tossing this idea around for a while… and I’m officially settling the debate right now. While we’re going to continue to accept any and all custom orders we’re going to temporarily stop trying so hard to keep up on Etsy. We want to give you the best and we can’t do that when we feel pressured into it. So here’s our notice- we will keep checking our facebook/etsy/twitter/wordpress AND updating them so any orders can be filled BUT we’re going to take the next month or so to create patterns and gorgeous things for the upcoming fall season.

Believe it or not, we do have lives outside of this lol. Both Tara and I are wedding planning riiiight now. Literally… I have a tab open on my computer for silk flowers (which reminds me, anybody good at wedding planning/handmade wedding shit? I love my job but I don’t wanna take it LITERALLY into the marriage bed with me, if ya know what I mean). Where was I? RIIIIGHT . Weddings. We’re both having them. Planning a wedding, working, writing, raising the many children, babysitting, working ANOTHER job, and basically trying to maintain relationships with our future spouses is becoming too much to juggle. So we’re making priorities. THIS is our passion, THAT is our life. So we’re NEVERRRR going to stop this, our etsy, or our general knitting but until roughly early September we’re unlikely to post any new projects for sale.

Please tell me that made sense? Cause I’ve had too much caffeine to be willing to re-read that shit.


Blogging Binge

June 21, 2012

You know what I just noticed??? I get into, like, blog binge/purge phases. I’ll blog the fuck out of everything for days and then, once my fingers start to lock up from typing I remember that I freaking HATE JHS (show initiative, babe, google that shit) and I ignore the blog for a few days, get distracted by life, and binge another time. I’m not sure if you love it or hate it… just figure I’d point it out.

On that note? I’m NEARLY fucking done with this demonic, evil, cursed hat. I’ve been working on making the PERFECT hat for my roommate for MONTHS. I’ve tried different  yarns, different needle sizes, odd combinations of yarn and needles… still, nothing was quiiiiite right. Till now. Apparently cheap yarn and size 9’s were what I really needed. So with any luck I’ll be done with this hat by the time the boyfriend gets off work and then I’ll start an identical hat for Hillbilly Homespun purposes. I’ll Etsy, blog, tweet, and Facebook the ever-living FUCK out of this hat after all the torture it’s caused me.

I’m considering making a scrap cloth scarf for summer. Maybe something just for myself out of old shirts I don’t like/fit in anymore. Suggestions? Ideas? Ever tried anything along the same lines for yourself? Ohhhhh…what’s this? Making you THINK when you just want to zone out and read my ramblings? After all this time, you should expect me to ask questions. Maybe, just maybe, somebody might friggin answer. Just saying. I would LOVE to hear some feedback here. I KNOW you people read this (only I have no idea why. I’m way too nuts to actually be interesting) and I’m almost just as positive that you say bloody brilliant things to yourself (everybody talks to themselves, right??) about things Tara and I say. So why not share these golden ideas? No reason to keep it to yourself? EXACTLY.



Okay… maybe this particular blog is a sign that I’ve had too much coffee, not enough sleep, and that the fact that I sleep in an attic with no air conditioning is FINALLY making my brain melt. Whatever.

Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon (I like to cover all possible bases as to avoid offending people. ‘Cause everybody knows how super PC I am)


Suchhhh a long time!

June 20, 2012

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this in such a long time! I have been, believe it or not, super busy. I’m sure the details of my daily life really aren’t that interesting to anybody but me so I’m not going to bore you with details… but, really, even I get busy. Actually busy, not just procrastinating, I promise!

Anyway- I HAVE been knitting. I’m in the middle of making a hat for my roommate right now and I’m adding to my pile of scrap yarn so I can make some really, really awesome scrap hats over the next few weeks. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a hat for somebody who LITERALLY tells you to “wing it”? I thought “oh, gee, this will be so easy! He doesn’t care what the fuck this hat looks like!” WRONG! Apparently that doesn’t matter to me… because I’m still a perfectionist. I’ve taken this dumb hat apart a dozen times and re-knit it trying to make sure it’s something he’ll like. And I’m not even getting PAID for this! Well, okay, he’s covering my rent for now so I can FOCUS on Hillbilly Homespun and not have panic attacks about billls. So I guess he’s MORE than paying for the hat. Just another reason to be obsessed with how it looks, right? But it shouldn’t take me nearly a week to make a simple summer knit hat, right? I don’t know.. how I’m babbling.

I hate that.. I start to ramble a lot. I usually assume the rambling is a direct result of caffeine hitting my brain. But I’ve only had half a cup of coffee today so I’m clueless. I wish there were some sort of caffeine epi pen I could jab directly into my brain to avoid the headaches and misery that come with NOT having enough coffee.


That’s it. This is the end of my rant for the day. Happy knitting 🙂



May 25, 2012

It’s back! I found my motivation again! I’m not exactly sure how I managed to misplace something like that.. but who cares? It’s here now! I learned how to crochet over the weekend and I’m trying to find some new, fun ways to mix my two yarning abilities.

On another topic… I got a bunch of my stuff back from my parents place 🙂 that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll update more later. Hopefully not too much later.


Model Maddness

April 21, 2012

I’ve been going apeshit all week trying to find people to model my hats and scarves. Tara’s got it easy- she does kid stuff. Kids love hats. I’m stuck with image obsessed adults. I think I drew the short end of the deal here. I can’t find anybody to model for me and I simply refuse to model more of our stuff because I think it’s tacky and makes me look self-important. I’m getting some help on the model search, though, and I would totally appreciate it if anybody happens to know of people in or around Carlisle, Pennsylvania willing to model hats and scarves. I name my products after the people who model them- so that’s kinda cool. Oh! And I pay in coffee. I make banging coffee. Just saying.

With that said… I’ve got some sort of creative block going. I can’t think of a single new thing to make right now. It’s the weekend so I think I’m going to give myself until Monday to start a new project. Maybe a few days away from my needles will isnpire me or something. Besides… my kids miss me lol. I’m always shutting myself away in the mud room to knit so I think I’m going to take today and tomorrow (EARHT DAY, BITCHES!!) to have more quality time with my kids. Tara’s supposed to come over tomorrow for some Eath Day adventures in my back yard. We’re hoping to weed it out before the rain starts and then move our activities inside and teach our kids more about recycling, up-cycling, and environmental issues in the house (things like saving power, water conservation, and whatever else we can think of).

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EARTH DAY PLANS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. I’m dying to hear what other people are doing (and if you read this AFTER Earth Day, please tell us what you DID do) and how you plan to make a difference in your area. I think if every single person picked up ONE piece of litter and remembered to recycle ONE thing more than they normally do the whole world would be better off)


Babysitting Blues

April 20, 2012

I’ve been babysitting my niece, Rayne, all week… and I haven’t been able to find the time or energy to knit a single thing. I’ve started the same ichord at least a dozen times. It’s like baby blues… but for babysitters. I cannot wait for a day off so I can sit down and knit something. My fingers are practically itching for some yarn.

We do, however, have some sweet shit up on our Etsy. Check it outttt 😀